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Choosing a Preschool
Choosing a Preschool
Questions to ask yourself before placing your child
  • Am comfortable here?  Are the children relaxed?  Are they "involved"?  Are they having fun?  Does the staff appear to enjoy the children?  Do they treat the children with respect?
  • Is the staff gentle while being firm, consistent and yet flexible in their guidance of the children?
  • Do the staff members help the children learn how to consider other's rights and feelings, to take turns and share, yet also stand up for personal rights when necessary?
  • When the children are angry or fearful, are they helped to deal with their feelings constructively?
  • Are parents free to visit at any time?  Do parents and staff members have an opportunity to exchange observations about children?
  • Are teacher/parents conferences provided?
  • Is part of the program planned to give the child free choice of a variety of activities?
  • Does the program include outdoor climbing equipment, blocks of all sizes, wheel toys, and dramatic play props to foster physical development as well as imaginative play?
  • Are there a variety of study puzzles, construction sets and other small manipulative items available to children?
  • Are there opportunities for language arts, music, singing and body movement exercises?
  • Are the buildings and grounds free of hazards and in good repair?
  • Are furnishings. sinks and toilets clean and safely accessible to children?
  • Are indoor and outdoor surfaces cushioned with materials such as carpet, wood chips, or rubber mats in areas with climber, slides or swings?